The California Sparkling Tequila



TEQCALI Embodies The West Coast Lifestyle Of Sunny Days, Breathtaking Sunsets, And An Active Way Of Life. Made With Real Fruit Juice; Our Drink Delivers An Authentic Taste That Needs No Introduction. Experience The Summertime Vibe Anytime, Anywhere - From The Beaches To The Mountains. Savor The Ultimate Refreshment That Perfectly Captures The Essence Of California. Join Us And Raise Your Can To The TEQCALI Lifestyle.

What Makes TEQCALI So Good

Our mission was clear: to create the most refreshing and delicious sparkling tequila that boasts an irresistible aroma and flavor from the moment you pop the can. At TEQCALI, we are passionate about using only the best ingredients, including Blanco Tequila and carefully sourced raw materials, and avoiding the use of sodium citrate, unlike other brands. Our commitment to quality shines through in every sip of TEQCALI.

Think about it: would you eat a fruit that lacks flavor and tastes bland on the first bite? Absolutely not. So why settle for a hard sparkling water or seltzer that offers only a hint of flavor on the first sip? It’s time to upgrade your drinking experience with TEQCALI – the most deliciously flavorful, refreshing sparkling tequila made with real fruit juice. Whether you’re at the beach or in the mountains, every sip of TEQCALI transports you to a place of pure enjoyment. Once you try TEQCALI, you’ll never go back to anything else.


Sparkling Tequila.
Made with Real Fruit Juice.


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Find your Fun In The Sun and enjoy it with friends and family.